LAS Victory – The emergence of Soneye Abdul Azeez Lekan (LAS) in the just-concluded Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union Central Executives Council (CEC) E-election for 2019/2020 academic session is unquestionable due to his untainted personality and antecedent in the students activism which gives him massive support from all and sundry within and outside the premier university of education in Nigeria.

It is not a gainsaying that TASUEDites voted LAS Victory due to his visionary and missionary statement ‘Redefining and Restructuring TASUEDSU’ but a journey of a thousand miles will surely begin with a step.

Let Assist Students is a good ideology to redefine and restructure TASUEDSU for better.

Where will the campaign promises of LAS start from? because there many challenges confronting TASUEDSU:

  • Inseparable account with management: the financial account of the students union is in management custody and this means a lot.
  • Delay in budget utilisation: the TASUEDSU takes longer time to present their budget to the management in which delayed the release of fund to run the union.
  • Faulty TASUEDSU constitution: if you look critically at the TASUEDSU constitution as amended 2017, it’s obvious that it need to be reviewed to benefits the interest of TASUEDites at large.
  • Inadequate source of income: categorically the students union doesn’t have many sources of income to finance their activities.
  • Unaccountability of Executives: some of the TASUEDSU executives are not transparent and accountable in which hinder the progress of the union.
  • Caucus priority: major virus attacking the unity and progress of TASUEDSU is caucus agenda.
  • Power tussle between the arms of government: it’s no longer a news that the three arms of the union (CEC, SHS, SJC) always have conflict of interest.
  • Lack of beneficial programmes: the union doesn’t organize more developmental programmes for TASUEDites. Etc.

Aside from the aforementioned challenges confronting TASUEDSU, there are many other issues TASUEDites are battling without an intermediary. For example insecurity of lives and properties, harassment, missing-scores, missing-scripts, technical-failure, etc.

With all these stated challenges and beyond, it is crystal clear that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Sen. LAS, must know that TASUEDites are expecting much from his administration because to whom much is given, much is expected.

Mr President Must be beware not to bite more than he can chew because people will want to instigate him, always remember the 3Cs of Aluta (Consultation, Consolidation, Confrontation).

LAS, should not forget to obey and respect the rule of law in all ramifications. Also endeavor to carry TASUEDites along in all TASUEDSU activities by updating them from time-to-time.

Finally, intellectual unionism is a tool for social development without violent.

Let Assist Students… Let Assist Ourselves!



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