TASUED Comrades – The year 2018 has it record lot of trending news moment, stories and updates that got the attention of students of Tai Solarin University of Education as well as the people, places, and things that trended.

Students Unionism on Nigeria campus has moved from the level of yesterday politic but move to the Era of today students politics at generate lot of controversial and trend issues across the nation.

But in this post we will be focusing on the Students Unionism stories and comrade that trend in 2018.

List below are the 10 Most trending TASUED comrades in 2018:


1. Sen. Sky – Folorunsho Oduloye:

He’s a vibrant and dogged senator in Team Equipment Regime 2017/2018 who always advocate for the betterment of TASUEDITES.
He made the news when he was alleged of using charm on Rahdeb which generated a lot of controversy especially online.

2. Sen. LAS – Soneye Lekan:

He’s an activist and freedom fighter who always agitate for the right of students at large.
He always release articles on trending issues and made the news with Rahdeb Vs Sky saga including parliamentary crisis.


He was the welfare director of Team Equipment, he made the news when he announced that his presidential aspirant’s form was stolen.

He also trend when he stepped down from the TASUEDSU presidential race is the last election.,


He’s always everywhere trying to be an antagonist whom alleged Sen. Sky of using charm on him and his name trend on campus


He was the 001 of the regime in which his achievements can not be underrated but he became controversial when he stopped an event on campus also involve in issue relating to transformer


He was a senator in the Equipment regime and also a presidential aspirant’s in the last election who assumed to have won the TASUEDSU election.
He became controversial after he lost the election. !


He’s a brother to Rahdeb, he always write to instigate others. He became controversial with his write-ups on SKY & RAHDEB Issue.


He was the Senate president of Team Equipment, he became controversial from the first parliamentary session


He was the A.G.S of Team Equipment, he’s fun to be with. He became controversial concerning the issue of SKY & RAHDEB, he also accused someone of slapping him and his picture was circulated online.


This an anonymous that was involved in cyber-bullying. The handler became controversial when some secrets was revealed via his platform.

DISCLAIMER: The above nicknames doesn’t relate to anyone or anything outside 2017/2018 TASUEDSU (Team Equipment Regime). This Article is not directed to ridicule or tarnish personality.

ADDENDUM: If you feel the above list isn’t justify enough kindly drop your comment(s) or add nickname with news link as above!

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