Joining the event planning industry in Nigeria, is Amodedun, a platform that makes you an event planner yourself by providing all you need to plan an event.

The Amodedun platform is build to be the largest directory of event vendors towards helping people plan event with less hassle from end to end.

Bold, strong, bright minds, strategic thinkers, Olaogun James Eniola, Onilude Segun Michael, and Awofodu Samuel Oluwatimileyin, 300 level, Computer Science Students from Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijebu-ode.

In February, 2019, James, Segun and Samuel kicked-start their brand “Amodedun” with the view to make the event a reality and also contributing to the ongoing tech revolution in Ogun State and in Nigeria as a whole.

As an event planner, I’d log on to the platform, set parameters like the event type and description, number of attendees, date, location and budget, the platform gives a list of vendors whose criteria tally with the parameters searched for. Once you click ‘plan event’, every vendor that fits into my search query gets a notification in order to bid for my event.

we consider amodedun as a “total package event planners” that drives to end the struggle of event planning and make the event a reality.

In a quest to stand on their own, this three founders went on crucial search on the major problems event planners and vendors clients face during the process of having the best event of their taste. This journey make us also discover that lot of the vendors do not know how to market their businesses, so we decided to serve as a link to help put the vendors out there, to market their business and also satisfy the users at a low cost.

Amodedun, we make the events a reality. We create for our users and vendors convenience.

“We are a new brand; so yes we are  bound to face challenges, it’s like a spice and also a motivation for the brand, James stated. We face challenges as students, electric supply, data usage and also communication gap, explained James.

Our major driving force has been the society, the government don’t really help much these days, it is your talent that sells more along with God’s divine direction, we as a team work magic, James said.

“As young entrepreneur we have taken up the task to build ourselves, so we read books and work according to the 80/20% principle, a corner stone of result based living, the secret to achieving more with less, and the response from the public has been encouraging, we are just starting, so more is yet to come” Samuel motioned.

Directory: they provide a directory for users to search for vendors, even based on parameters like the number of expected guests, location of the event, type of event among others. Amodedun designed the vendors’ profiles to serve as mini website for individual vendors.

Hot deals: this feature gives vendors an opportunity to showcase their special offers on the hot deals page which is an aggregation of deals for people to see and possibly purchase. With this, the vendors not only put up their services but get more by providing hot deals.

On this journey, Olaogun James Eniola assumed the role of creative director, while Onilude Segun Michael has supported as project manager, and Awofodu Samuel Oluwatimileyin as head engineer. Catch this creative minds on Instagram, facebook, twitter @Amodedun.

We have always looked out for the pacesetters from TASUED and we found “PickMeUp” a brand co-founded by Abimbola Moses Adeitan and Oretuga Adewale, young tech graduates of our prestigious school, Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), who were recently featured on the largest online tech platfrom in Africa Techpoint with there startup journey.

They relocated to Abeokuta from Lagos to kick-start their entrepreneurial career
(, a laundry and logistics service), we are always proud of them. It shows that every product of TASUED are extra-ordinary on their various.

With the existence of Amodedun, what happens to those in the business of events planning? The possible scenario is them coming on board those platforms or what do you think?

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