TASUED ALUMNUS- Yesterday have it in record another history as Adeitan Abimbola Moses and Oretuga Adewale, an Alumnus of Tai Solarin University of Education get their startup journey featured on Africa largest tech online platform after they took the bold step to fly up the first Transportation and Logistics Company in Ogun State.

The creative director of PickmeUp.com.ng, Adeitan Abimbola Moses and his Co founder Adewale Oretuga climber another milestone of success when Tech Point Africa publish to the world their startup story.

Adeitan Abimbola Moses is a native of Iperu Remo,he was born to the family of Mr & Mrs Yemi Adeitan popularly known as Baba and Mama Skima.

He is a graduate of accounting from this Noble University, Tasued. A practising accountant and a goal and value driven entrepreneur.

Oretuga Folorunsho Adewale, from Ijebu ode Ogunstate Nigeria, a graduate of Health Education also went to MACNEL HR institute Abjua where he obtained (HRM) Human resources management certificate.

Pickmeup Innovations Enterprises limited. A tech company with core business in transport, laundry and logistics. Visit www.pickmeup.com.ng for more info or download our Android App via www.pickmeup.com.ng/download

PICKMEUP came into existence as a reason to create a technological platform to ease transport and other services off life in Ogun State. As we all know, technology is taking over the scope of life. Hence, the need for technological use in mans life is needed. With Pickmeup in Ogun State. We are determined to develop the transport sector and other services of Life. TASUED ALUMNUS

Read the Startup Journey TASUED ALUMNUS on Tech Point Africa


  1. Congratulations to a brother from another mother….. We proud of your success…. Let keep flying higher

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