Tug of Words

English and Literary studies won the 2021 Inter-Departmental Debating Championship, tagged Tug of Words defeated other departments that participated in the competition.

The Tug of Words championship, which is the first of its kind in the History of College of Humanity, held yesterday 20th of September 2022, has in register 7 Participants from 4 Department.

The spoken word poetry contest was organized by the Office of the Public Relations Officer of the College of Humanities Students Association (COHUMSA), Comr. Omotere Samuel was held today at University Block. It was attended by both students from the College of Humanities and other colleges.

Seven contestants from the department of English, Religious Studies, Creative Art, and History & Diplomatic Studies participated in the contest. Mr Raheem Tajudeen, Abdulmaleek Abdulazeez, and Matanmi Quadri were the judge.

One of the fun moments was after the contestant from the Religious Studies department ended her performance by saying she might consider falling in love the year after and one of the judges asked if she would love to consider someone at the event. She was then replied to by the moderator, Senator Ayigoro who rendered short spoken word poetry and ended it with “me and you forever”.

Aside from the performance of contestants, the floor was open to others to perform. One of those whose performance wowed the audience was that of Remi Akewi who rendered a poem in respect of the Ibadan people she said were courageous enough to swallow a snail with its shell.

At the end of the performance, the judges commented. Raheem Tajudeen thanked the organizers of the event and spoke on both the presentation and dressing where he pointed out how someone had come to present with his tie obviously in his pocket. Also, Matanmi Quadri spoke on the inevitability of lapses as he urged the contestants to be vocal enough and commended a representative from the Creative Art department.

Abdulmalik Abdulazeez announced the department of English as the winner with 72.2 points.

By: Omoloye Miracle

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