The specch quest is an inter-departmental debate organize by Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union Vice-President for the Twenty-Five(25) departments on campus but presently only Eighteen (23) departments have registered so far and we hope other departments will join prior the commencement of this debate because prizes are available for the winners…

The anticipation for the speech quest has taken another dimension as the representatives from Agricultural Science department and Political Science department engaged each other in a constructive manner on WhatsApp group recently.

The WhatsApp battle started with a post from one of the representative of Political Science department titled “POLITICS DETERMINES EVERYTHING THAT EXIST IN THE UNIVERSE”.

” Are you trying to equate Agriculture with life? Have you ever heard about “THE STATE OF NATURE” how can you live without the existence of a government? How can your farm products earn you cool cash without the existence of a government???
Just anticipate for the department that’s gonna come out first-POLITICAL SCIENCE👌👌✌✌

In the STATE OF NATURE, i.e when there was no government, men live at the expense of others. Only those who are mighty controls the day, enslave the weak people and even kill them…How can agriculture survive when there’s no security? Why are farmers seeking government intervention on Herdsmen phenomenal?…

This doesn’t go down well with the representative of Agricultural Science department who fire back with “NO AGRICULTURE, NO LIFE” and the twos tackled each other constructively.

Tell me,when their was no introduction to government society those not exist!!!
Believe me or not….agriculture science is the paramount course u will ever study n practice….we are vocational,we are technicians,we are scientist,we are economics….finally,we are life,the only course that study both plant n animal life……

This shows the high level of preparedness from these representatives for the SPEECH QUEST 2019.

TASUEDITES is your department ready to win?


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