Solidarity greeting to all penpushers that neither sleep nor slumber to inform, reform, educate and entertain the masses at large.

I don’t like to write like an alumni of National Open University but Martin Luther King said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

In lieu of the above quote, I deem it as a matter of urgency and necessity to write to the new executives of Independent Press Council, Tai Solarin University of Education (IPCTASUED) 2019/2020 pen year.

I will start by congratulating you because many we’re called but few are chosen. I want you to know leadership is tantamount to followership. Remember IPC slogan that ‘Togetherness Is Strength’ carried all members along as one indivisible body.

Know that if one fumble, all will stumbled; Teamwork is the key to greatness of the council irrespective of position because the house that raise against itself will not stand.

Dear new executives, you need to lead by example and correct others with love. Be dedicated and up-to-date!

I can say categorically that the Press and the Government shouldn’t be intimate.
IPCTASUED should serve as a watchdog between the school management, TASUEDSU and TASUEDites.

The new executives need to restore the zeal of campus journalism in every members of the council.

Let the ink begin to flow on: daily news update, articles, editorial review, opinion poll, columns, investigative-journalism, photo-journalism… etc.

I won’t lie to you that you’re appointed at a critical time in which you need to redeem the aims and objectives of Ipctasued to inform, reform, educate and entertain with prompt objectivity.

I will be an ingrate if I fail to appreciate the immediate past executives of 2018/19 pen year for their tenacity, although to whom much is given much is expected. Kudos!

Permit me to pause because a word is enough for the wise.

Yours in pen,

…. XYZ, Philosopher, Thinkers Press Club, FCEABK, 2012/13
… XYZ, Advert-Manager, Association of Campus Press Club, FCEABK, 2012/13
… XYZ, Member, National Association of Nigeria Campus Editors, 2017/18
… XYZ, Member, National Union of Campus Journalists, 2017/18
… XYZ, Chief Press Officer, IPCTASUED, 2016/18.


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