Success doesn’t look like how we say it until we experience it said Careerlady.

When we were in school, success to us meant good grades and the successful student were easily tagged “Teacher’s own”.

After school, we were told there is life after school thinking the good grades can do wonders outside the school gate.
The truth about success is that no matter the stage you find yourself in life, for every step you take in doing better than your past, you’re successful.

Balogun Titilayo Janet, Careerlady a Personal life coach believes Success doesn’t only mean being rich, having a lot of cars, several educational certificates and so on. In as much, you are looking back to know you are doing better than the past you left behind.

I do ask myself “Am I successful?” Sometimes I tell myself no because I know they are some things I should have done by now but not yet fulfilled.

Listen! Everything you own now, talking about your talents, skills, career, dream. It doesn’t come because of who you choose to be.

God decided not to make you a worthless being and besides, God doesn’t create a man to be worthless, he created us with a hint of who we will be and he gave you two driving forces(Parent) to nurture us until we grow up to understand who we are born to be.

Excuse me, sir and ma’am, forget about what you own or what you have in your name, as long as you are still living like your past, you’re not successful.

Stop limiting your thinking and don’t rush your dream either. Every step as a lesson, be calm to learn and understand what every stage of your life is teaching you.

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