At long last, the Students House of Senate of the Tai Solarin University of Education has passed the 2018/2019 Students Union budget, reducing the budget from N12.2 Million to approve N 12 Million.

The budget which passed through the in-house budgetary committee was brought to the flood of the Senate for final approval and subsequent passage on Thursday.

According to the report, N8.5 Million was approved for the central executive council; N480,500 for the Judicial Council; N420, 500 for the Independence press council; N2.4 million and for the Legislative council.

N5 million allocated for the capital project of the union with the objective to benefits the entire Tasuedite

The senators passed urged the executive to ensure that the Students Union budget was implemented fully.

The President of the Senate, Senator Faranye Abiodun, said that one of the goal of the regiem is to make sure every penny will be accountable for.

In his voice “this year student union is tagged Emancipation which means to be free from slavery. I will make sure during my own time every penny will be accountable for.

“He further stress that, every year money has been made available for all approved budget but during transition of power no proper documentation of union property, which I won’t see it continue in this way if we truly want to save our future.”

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